Hand-made leather pillows

Please enjoy the video, “Sprits of Okoni“, as narrated by John Winterhawk. Spirits of Okoni are symbols of animal spirits honored by many Native American Tribes.

This video shows a new line of leather pillows. The pillows are made of brain-tanned deerskin, sewn entirely by hand, painted with earth paints and decorated with antique beads. The forms are goose down. They come with a protective muslin pillow case and include a certificate of registration as well as a card informing the buyer of the relationship of the animal to humans. These pillows are a limited edition of eight images, five copies of each design. These pillows add a unique touch to any decor and a spiritual connection to the animal world.

Horse gave us the ability to fly through the wind. Horse gives us strength and stamina. Horse is faithful. And in return, we honor it with sacred feathers and painted designs. Through living with horse, we learn compassion and caring. True power comes from sharing your gifts and talents.
Bear shows us the value of silence and of seeking the dream lodge. Each year as bear hibernates, it shows us the way to quiet our lives; to allow for intuition; to lead us to the rebirth as bear is reborn each spring. Bear’s strengths are in teaching us to know ourselves. Spending quiet time to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses.
Fish is a symbol of abundance and harmony. Though there are many species of fish, all live together in harmony and interdependence. Fish has also been given the name of “the long ones”; the long people that swim in the waters and rivers of our lives.
A gentle spirit is symbolized by deer. If you are drawn to deer’s image it may also be gently nudging you to new adventures. Deer is also known as the keeper of the path to Creator.
Eagle feathers are sacred and mystical. They are a powerful healing tool. Eagle embodies connection to the Great Spirit. It soars in the realms of the Great Spirit. But it is also grounded in life among all creatures on earth. Through its spiritual connection, eagle feathers provide valuable healing medicine to both our soul and spirit and everyday life.
The mysticism and magic of raven‘s domain. Raven is also a shape-shifter that can become another animal and speak it’s language. Raven teaches us to take those things in our life we wish to change and shape them into the form we would like them to take. Raven gives us the ability to become a magician.
Goose brings the traits of fidelity and fertility. The goose chooses one mate for life. It also speaks to us of telling stories to communicate and to inspire that childlike belief in stories and legends. Migration of geese calls to our sense of adventure or our spiritual quests. The unique message that goose brings to you can be found in quiet moments of meditation.
Mother Earth is embodied in turtle. As turtle cannot disconnect from its shell, neither can we separate ourselves from Mother Earth. Turtle reminds us that we are connected to all things. Turtle moves slowly, sensing all around her. She reminds us to slow down and listen, awakening our physical and spiritual senses. Turtle asks us to honor our creative abilities; to allow the time needed for those abilities to develop. Mother Earth provides abundance for each of us, if only we, like turtle, slow down and open ourselves to it.